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Life has relativity in it, but it is not relative. Everyday, you wake up, you are you. You don’t wake up an elephant, or in a strange house, or a lottery winner. Given past repetition, and projected probability, you can make judgments about your future. Yes, it’s not a guarantee things will, or wont happen, but this mistake of relativism, “Oh, we don’t know what will happen, so lets just not pay attention to any of the obvious probabilistic indicators. We don’t KNOW, right, so let’s definitely not look at the clues either. Let’s just live in the moment.” Hedonism. Lack of responsible attention. That is what that is. Look, I’m a hyper contingency planner. I’m always looking at possibilities, and probabilities, and creating contingency plans. Yes, many of those plans may not materialize. But, when contingency plans are needed, who do you think is more likely to be ready to deal with a situation? Even if I haven’t got a contingency plan, who is going to be more likely to be able to come up with one on the fly, than a person who’s always generating solutions? Look, we as humans seem to have a problem with fathoming the respect life itself deserves for billions of years of pattern repeating contingency. We are so focused on our “freedom” we fail to realize how ridiculous that idea is. You’re not free. You are absurdly limited by nature, by yourself, by external contingency. Life is not relative, you are not free. The real question is how are you determined. Once you understand that, then you can move on to evaluate how you are free, THEN you can set about to being more free. This idea that ignorance sets you free? It doesn’t, you just go around, stepping on people’s toes, then pretending it didn’t happen. It’s over.brain_meme1


Author: JTA.rocks

I'm repurposing this page to promote my vinyl sticker shop. I'll be posting new designs and links here. Thanks!

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