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There’s an analogy about life I’ve been using for about ten years or so, and it’s worked great for me. There’s a couple different methods key jangling, tool owning men have to apply force (for this analogy). One is pliers, another, a vice. With pliers, you attempt to use all your current strength, in the moment to accomplish the goal. You only have the power of your body, in one shot. With a vice, you compile many turns into one powerful press. As far as power pressure goes the vice wins every time. In their lives, everybody is born with the power of pliers. They build up their minds though education, then they attempt one shot power moves. After some understanding of process development, the power of the vice is unlocked. Pick a goal. Pick a goal that is seemingly impossible. Put that possible, and highly improbable outcome waaayyy off till your autumn years. Now start taking the many thousand small steps it takes to get there. You will know, when you are lucky, and when you are controlling the outcome. If you jump forward, you will feel the larger order conspiring with you. If you get knocked back, it could just be bad luck. Maybe you’re pursuing an impure goal. Maybe you’re pursuing something that’s not TRULY top tier. As you move toward the larger goal, you can look behind, and see the distance traveled. You can feel the vice power building within you. You still have the power of the plier type press, but it’s not desirable anymore. Now you search for quicker ways to use the vice method. Congratulations. You are now process technical.


Author: JTA.rocks

I'm repurposing this page to promote my vinyl sticker shop. I'll be posting new designs and links here. Thanks!

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