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Existentialism solved….

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I really think the problem of being, in existentialism, stems from the unintentional, and unarticulated expectation that ideas can be objects. The focus on the “ being “ of ideas. What is YOU is basically the particular image you have of yourself, generated by the perceptions of the body and held in the mind to reflect back upon itself. The problem is, the “ being” in that equation is the body, a priori, before experience. The body is the vehicle to act, and be acted upon by ideas. The body is the tool of ideas, and the creator of ideas, but the physical body is the being in the core of the idea. The problem of existentialism is generated when one can’t understand the idea of the body, is never supposed to take place of the actual body. Existence precedes essence.


Author: JTA.rocks

I'm repurposing this page to promote my vinyl sticker shop. I'll be posting new designs and links here. Thanks!

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