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Little emperors…


Not many people know, that America used to issue charters for people to start businesses, which could be revoked if those companies engaged in less than reputable activity. We need to enact this on a global scale. How much control could we have on climate, pollution, and other massive issues of our day if we could just threaten to revoke the charter of the culprits.


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Super car…..

If I had the money to buy a cool car like this, I’m sure I’d feel guilty, but I don’t think that would stop me. There’s all kinds of philanthropic causes the money could be better spent on, but I just can’t shake the feeling that without some kind of birth control system, redistribution of wealth is futile. Wherever you shift the power, procreation will increase, and ultimately absorb that power, in the end, annihilating the initial redistribution making the whole process futile. Of course, a very real difference is made, on an individual level. Maybe I’ll just rent one. I will buy a nice place for my family to live though, and I wont question that.supercar