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This is what opportunistic belief gets you…

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I was just at the mall, in an elevator full of people. This older white woman, she must have been late 70’s or something says to a random Indian guy, “Are you related to Ghandi?” It was the craziest thing I think I’ve heard for years. She’s almost 80, and yet she still can’t seem to understand that there’s hundreds of millions of people in India, the very high improbability this random Indian guy is related to Ghandi. Also she has exhibited ignorance, racism. She must have been sheltered for years, and on top of that only studied hen pecked subjects that supported her view. My guess is she is your standard Fox news automaton. A part of me was kind of sad, because she represents the America my grandmother grew up in. That sort of protectionist, white loving, ignorant, narcissistic America where racism was cute and it was normal to call gays “fag”. All this stuff ran through my mind in just a minute in the elevator. As the moment passed, I felt glad those ideas would pass when people of her generation passed on too. Or maybe she was just a little old lady with a degenerative brain disease…you decided….lol


Author: JTA.rocks

I'm repurposing this page to promote my vinyl sticker shop. I'll be posting new designs and links here. Thanks!

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