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Don’t attack directly….

What I have figured out over the years is any group that puts self interest above reason is dangerous. If you attack these groups directly it only strengthens their cause. The way to marginalize this type of thinking, is to affirm another type of thinking that makes it look ridiculous. Then, it will be annihilated indirectly.

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Not only Islam…..

God and I will have to part ways on this. While I don’t agree with some of the white supremacy overtones, it’s not as if Islam doesn’t deserve backlash for its anti-liberalism. God is acting like a liberal here. In wanting all to get along, he seeds his own demise. Liberalism is a rationalization. Humanism is an affirmation. 10888783_1378598452227854_1119933871992397198_n

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Purpose before necessity….

It seems that responsible people understand that necessity comes first. A nominal capitalist offering that offers jobs to a number of people, and generates an equitable income is the most important thing in life. Income, money, equals necessity met, and life goes on. Nobody questions this except the artist. The creative soul. We should all ask ourselves the question, “Just because money is the source of my necessity now, does that mean in the larger scheme of things it is always the most important? Is it really what is most important in life?” It must be right? Without it we die. What could be more important than that? That value assumes the most important ideal in the universe is human perpetuation. Well, it seems like common sense being that we are human, but, that is anthropocentrism isn’t it? The creative soul believes keeping gas in the tank of the car is only the first step. They don’t think the only thing that matters in life is keeping the car filled with gas. They are interested in the destination. Yeah, sure, there is no destination if there is no fuel, but does that really really mean that necessity is purpose? It seems to me necessity allows you to seek purpose. Just look closely at those who think necessity is purpose, and you will know I’m right. You will know why the villains in history are the villains in history. You will understand ethics, and its roots.

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This is what opportunistic belief gets you…

I was just at the mall, in an elevator full of people. This older white woman, she must have been late 70’s or something says to a random Indian guy, “Are you related to Ghandi?” It was the craziest thing I think I’ve heard for years. She’s almost 80, and yet she still can’t seem to understand that there’s hundreds of millions of people in India, the very high improbability this random Indian guy is related to Ghandi. Also she has exhibited ignorance, racism. She must have been sheltered for years, and on top of that only studied hen pecked subjects that supported her view. My guess is she is your standard Fox news automaton. A part of me was kind of sad, because she represents the America my grandmother grew up in. That sort of protectionist, white loving, ignorant, narcissistic America where racism was cute and it was normal to call gays “fag”. All this stuff ran through my mind in just a minute in the elevator. As the moment passed, I felt glad those ideas would pass when people of her generation passed on too. Or maybe she was just a little old lady with a degenerative brain disease…you decided….lol