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Author’s disclaimer!

To anyone who may waste their time reading this, over the next few weeks I will be posting some essays I have written over the past few years. They are an editor’s nightmare, and I’m not going to spend the time to edit them now, as I believe my time is better spent moving forward. After I get some SEO work done over the next few weeks, I will come to a hilt. I will return here, and attempt to write essentially a micro-blog of aphorisms and short discourse, much like Nietzsche’s writing style, without all the superman mentality. Short discourse focused for maximum effect.

Thanks for wasting your time……lol……so sorry…..


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Conscious, Unconscious, Panic Attacks and God


Artwork by Alex Grey
Essay by Thomas Albany.com, 2012

People can argue with me until they are blue in the face, stomp their feet and shout all they want, but I know, and they know, that they cannot KNOW God. They cannot test GOD, prove GOD, and show GOD in the essences form. It is as if a thick curtain has been dropped blocking our view of the kernel of truth. It is still there, behind the curtain causing us, and we bend from its effect, but we are alienated by it because of this predetermined curtain. It is as if we are all in a movie theater, waiting for the show to start. We know the movie will play, and we are sitting in the theater, but that time never comes. What I would like to discuss is why this curtain is necessary, and briefly, even casually talk about………..well, the universe and everything in it. Think of this as the Thomas Albany’s Coffee Table Book of God, The Universe, The Human Body and all Existence. I stumbled upon it between lunch and dinner yesterday……woops. I’ll talk about a different way to picture the God essence, the fight in the body for conscious control of the unconscious, and why man is just not physically ready in an evolutionary sense for the truth that awaits him behind the curtain.

I have taken some time to study different religions around the world, though I am certainly not an expert. My non-expert observation is that people view God as something outside themselves. Regardless of the fact they might describe it to you differently, the fact is, they use objects to represent God. In some religions, they forbid image idolatry, but God is still something to move toward, not what you are. Of course you could argue against me forever, but I feel safe in saying most people see God as larger than themselves (therefore, outside), and something to work to be. What I want to convince you is that God is simply your unconscious mind. Evolution has dropped a subconscious curtain between your conscious, and your unconscious in order to protect all the subsystems that drive your body every day. These are the literal causes of your humanity, and the very existence that perpetuates you. All the people that have lead up to you are coexisting in that space, and all of the universes grand design secrets are there. This alienation, this kernel of truth is not outside of you. This God is the systems of your body that are working everyday in the background, carrying out their predetermined duties, a priori, to make sure that while you are out loading that massive brain of yours with information from the world, the engine that is your body goes on ticking whether you cry wolf or foul.

Actually, I have suspected this for a long time now. The Buddhists are really the pioneers of this. They really have it right, in my eyes in their most basic structures. Recently in my life, I have been suffering from panic attacks due to a stomach condition that I have. What happens is the stomach condition puts my breathing functions on high alert because some stomach acid, or bile sends fumes up my esophagus, and my body just freaks out, and you basically start breathing really hard trying to convince yourself that nothing is wrong. There are really two schools of thought on the Internet about this:

1. The idiot school: It’s all in your mind. Just stop thinking about it and it goes away. (stupid)

2. The correct school: There’s a physical condition that triggers the problem, then through a domino effect, the mind start obsessing about calming the body, which causes it to panic even more.
Even if you can convince yourself most of it is psychological, the trigger is still there. Anyway, when I was having a panic attack, I noticed that the problem was my conscious mind was taking over what is normally an unconscious task, the task of breathing. Then, the body panics, because the body knows that the impotent conscious cannot possibly handle the heavy workload of the unconscious evolutionarily determined vehicle processes. The body itself is trying to purge your conscious intrusion into the unconscious cogs, and it could kill you if do not straighten up. It could literally kill you.

So, I have come to a preliminary conclusion that God is your unconscious. God is the physical manifestation of life itself, most notably exhibited in the necessary functions of the body, in history, your evolutionary development, and the unconscious of your mind driving it all. That forbidden unknowable space we see in our minds is that causing kernel driving everything you are physically. Think of it as the very essence of what you are beyond the choices of what you do in your life. Is this not how people view God anyway? Think of it as changing, but changing in a way that we cannot understand since it is a gradual change compared to our shorter perceptual spans.

The truth of your insignificance is devastating. You are miniscule. The only way to escape the truth of that reality is to hide from it, and continually work to maintain the idea that you are special in the face of overwhelming proof that you are not. Enter religion. But when are we going to start to face the truth? Religion is the crutch we need to deal with the truth and actuality of our own insignificance, in a vehicle, the body, which cannot physically handle that truth yet. But eventually we will know, and it will become our strength, instead of our fear

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Altruism in Realism


As monotony bears down on my mind and eyes
My brain melts away like a modern glacier
I rush to catch it in a jar
Then I can evaluate the nature of things

Things that linger in my subconscious
Looking through the jar, I spot anomalies
Should I try to erase their influence
Should I forget who I used to be

The jar
The tool

Desire to question to build the intellect
Not to have an answer, but to understand more
When you know, you understand, the answer is nothing
Nothing more than your anthropocentric core

Don’t despair in the realization of reality in your life
Don’t despair when your insignificance is known
If you’re going to sacrifice, offer to your fellow man
Make a difference here and now, this is your home


Your neighbor is your god and you are his
Altruism in realism in the context of society
Mankind is the great power, the only one we know
The only one we need, the only true love we show

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To Kill for Universality

kill for universality

Those who have the capacity to wonder, in a sense of curiosity that allows them to use their mind in the way it was designed, will at some point wander across the intellectual quandary which is the ebb and flow of the universal battle between division and communion; intolerance and tolerance. The choices you make in building the character that you live your life by defines what you consider “tolerance” to be, and what you consider “intolerance” to be. The choices you make also define how you will apply these definitions in the social interactions you experience in your daily lives. In this essay, I intend to informally show how intolerance is contingently necessary for some, while being unconsciously imposed by others. I would also like to explain the glaring problem with people who tolerate intolerance, and what those people can do to stand on the right and true side in Universal War 1, the war between canonization and freedom. Finally, I will level my battle cry for those moving toward the new definitions of peace and freedom. So, I would like to say, strap on your seat belts and be ready to read the thoughts of a man who is ready to kill to protect the freedom of those who would not even kill a killer.

Tolerance- a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

Intolerance- lack of toleration; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc.

*Source for definitions is dictionary.com

There are a two different ways to express intolerance, if one may allow me to be so bold as to be logically mechanical. One way is through an unconscious feeling, for instance one might say, “I’m not really sure why the separation of church and state is wrong, I just know it is.” That is what I like to refer to as an unconscious feeling. So, if a person were inclined to impose this prejudice, and I mean “prejudice” in the real definition of the word:

Prejudice- An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.

If that person were inclined to be intolerant toward a person based on a feeling, by definition that is prejudice and what I would call unconscious intolerance. What I am driving at is there is no direct decision based on a conscious evaluation of the facts involved. Those types of unconscious prejudices are the result of social conditioning. These types of socially perpetuated momentums, unchecked are a serious issue that only education has a chance of rectifying. The second type of intolerance is a conscious choice to stand against an idea, person, institution, etc. based on an objective position through careful calculation of the available facts. In this situation on may say, “I know separation of church and state is wrong because studies show that without a national religion, nationalism disintegrates. Without strong nationalism, the country becomes weak and divided like so many African nations.” Now, to be clear, I support separation of church and state, but this is the type of answer I would expect from a reasonable person on the other side of the issue. This allows a dialogue to begin about particulars in Africa, perhaps a discussion of nationalism and some of the negative consequences of it. Now, on this particular issue, I do think that the people who are for a unified church and state are for it because of social conditioning, but there just happens to be a wide variety of statistics and facts that can be used to support the idea, as there is to refute it, but at least the attempt is made to show the reasoning behind the conscious decision. I do think that on this issue though, the people that are for a unified church and state decide now, and prove later. We are always amazed by people who come from objective backgrounds, and after studying the issues conclude the traditional stand is the practical one, and I think that points to the fact that the majority think reason and education alone are more practical.

In some of my essays I refer to what I call Universal War 1. What I am referring to is the new front line that draws itself across your living room, across your workplace, across your classroom and through some marriages. There really is a whisper in the background that wisps past your ears, and to understand it, you have to diligently listen. States, nations, religions, clubs, groups, and even couples draw their own particular circles, with little attention to the whisper. Now, the Universal War is a war that I do not think can be fought in totality because mankind is not competent enough to separate the two sides to have the battle, plus lack of education and confusion muddle the dividing lines in a type of error induced haze. On one side you have people who believe in one truth, and to feel secure they have to believe the truth they hold is the correct one. “There is only one truth, and I am in possession of it.” Now if they are academics, they can use their substantive education to compare and contrast and provide the reasoning for this stand. If they do not have the substance to compare and contrast to provide the reasoning for this stand, they tend to negate the people around them in order to throw a light on their own beliefs. Essentially they remember who they are through a never ending judgment of the other. On the other side of the battle we have the person who views themselves as inside the truth, and part of it. They do not possess it, or even know it, but they live part of it. When you are in this position, you spend more time questioning than you do negating because if you come across something you do not understand, you are more likely to take an agnostic position as opposed to trying to fit the concept into a “certain” category. I know this might rough some people up, but it seems to me that if you let education and a clear unconscious lead you, then more than likely you will end up in this group. I am not saying everybody does, but those that do not, have not freed themselves fully from traditional tendencies.

Those that negate, are prone to intolerance, because the more intolerant they are, the more they are able to see who they are in identity. Now, this type of mentality is prone to conquer and subordinate, because either you’re on the side of those that are part of the one truth, or you are negated and divided out. So, I have actually been painting a particular picture because the position I am about to talk about, is the position I would like to bring to consciousness, and that is the position of those who tolerate. There comes a problem, when one who is intolerant, meets with one who is tolerant. The tolerant is automatically subordinated to the intolerant. The intolerant essence is in its natural state of power, and can only be met with intolerance. I am all for passive resistance, but truly, if somebody shoots you, then you are not alive to passively resist anymore. All you have is the hope that your slaughter will create social momentum, and that seems to me to be more political, and circumstantial than axiomatic. So, I would like to sound the call to the tolerant:

If you are tolerant, it is your duty to articulate your intolerance! We cannot allow peace to be subordinated to the intolerant and irrational anymore! Stand up and take your side on the universal war, and be ready to kill those who would be willing to kill you for not accepting the intolerance they are imposing on you!

I am very aware that this might sound shocking, and it is necessary to protect peace at a level that it deserves to be protected at. If those who destroy peace and freedom do it through subordination and control, then we have to be willing to protect it by the rules they have forced us to react to. The peaceful will always chose tolerance first, but it is their duty to be responsible to that peace in protecting it. Any death on the side of the peaceful, is the fault of the intolerant as the intolerant are stimulating the violence, and the tolerant are answering a call to duty.

It is time for the free, not to subordinate the divisive and intolerant, but to force them into disintegration by a simple spotlighting of impracticality.

In conclusion, it is time to live up to my intolerant stand against intolerance. I really have to bring the rally cry, of a soldier on the battlefield about to give his life for a cause. Make no mistake, I am willing to kill and die in the Universal War for the protection of the passive. I want to kill those who want to subordinate them! Don’t make the mistake that because I am not religious or part of a canonized social group I cannot stand strong! Right now my keyboard is my flamethrower, but I’m ready to show that peace and freedom are strong! Your authoritarianism is not freedom! Your patronizing hierarchy is impotent! We will not be subordinated to you! We wont! Mankind’s truth is inherent in his universality! Not your legislated particular! You have forced yourself into disintegration by your addiction to masturbation, with your perception of your own identity as the pornography! Watch your back, you’re on the radar!


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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: William Dembsky


“Is it a fact that the full panoply of life has evolved through purposeless naturalistic processes? This might be a fact, but whether it is a fact is very much open to debate.”

(Intelligent Design, William Dembski)

Poetry by: Thomas Albany.com

I believe Dembsky ‘s attitude of agnosticism here,
is worthy of a similar admittance from the evolutionary camp.
While intelligent design seems riddled with agenda,
blind chance by evolutionists seems lacking in evidence.

What I find ridiculous is the idea perpetuated by the dualists,
trapped in their diametric cages, trapped like light in a bounce,
trapped between two mirrors of perfect mathematical alignment,
bouncing back and forth down into infinity, and containment.

If life does not evolve from blind chance alone,
then it is obvious it was created by our anthropocentric clone.
It is so obvious to see, Darwin was the stupidest mind alive,
especially to those who have not given his naturalist studies a second of their time.

The only book you can judge by seeing the cover alone,
is a book you know may have reasonable information,
reasonable information that may confuse and disturb your bliss,
no amount of reality is worth any turbulence to this.

Just a clue for you dualists playing mental ping-pong,
just because blind evolution might not be the way and the path,
does not mean that creationism is the only other option,
it does not show that you were right all along……

There is still more to learn, my guess is that we will see,
the body actually does take cues from the environment,
and it is hardly by chance that we evolved to our being,
in this life where we question this world we see….around us.

To pay my respects to Dembski’s reasonable agnosticism,
it is possible that we were created, by a being who started the natural patterns,
there may be a creator, but there is no “God”,
but if the creator exists, then man’s picture of him is surely a slander.

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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Walter Kaufmann


“The bifurcation of the world is always rooted in a prior bifurcation of mankind and man. Wherever two worlds have been postulated, man was first divided into two parts- senses and reason, body and soul, phenomenon and noumenon, and often there were also thought to be two kinds of men: the mass and the elite.”

(Critique of Religion and Philosophy, , Plato’s Vision of Man, pg.39)

Poetry by: Thomas Albany.com

Do we dare say, without bifurcation we cannot play?
While virtue seems to lye, in a careful contemplation,
of a realization of being, in a ubiquitous nature,
it seems to me this is possible without polar annihilation.

We do not have to pass,
through the opposites,
but now we know the poles,
it is more difficult to grow.

Analogue trap
Universe in hand

Ostensibly, and seemingly, existentialism and positivism,
are not necessary steps in the achievement of wisdom.
While our natural history has a concatenate order,
we should not assume this is the only path to freedom.

As a philosopher I despise excessive bifurcation by the obtuse,
excessive annihilation of diplomacy, and reason by those few…..who lead.
My physiology shows, I do not have to know pain, in order to orgasm,
my psychology shows that I am contingent upon my chemical balance.

Now the bifurcations are many, and permeate our possibility,
we have to weed it out, accept when it is used by necessity.
There is concepts in truth that require the polar ideal,
but when we find another way, ignorance must disintegrate.