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I’m starting a few blogs in order to promote work that I have done over the past couple of decades or so. This blog I will use to promote my website CivilSimian.com, which has the mission to put together thinking minds in a democratic system allowing the most necessary values of good people to rise to the top of the lists, and less enlightened ideals to stay at the bottom.  Stop by and participate! I’ll also be starting an art blog for the work I have at thomasalbany.com, that will be under the name Thomas Albany Artwork.

From what I’ve seen, there seems to be not a lot of well read “philosophers” around here. There seems to be a lot of theological discussions, and people doing arm chair philosophy, but I didn’t even see one well written discussion. I will be uploading some of my past essays, so I hope they can add to the higher philosophical qualities here  on WordPress.


Author: JTA.rocks

I'm repurposing this page to promote my vinyl sticker shop. I'll be posting new designs and links here. Thanks!

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