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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Rene Descartes


Good sense is the best distributed thing in the world: for everyone thinks himself so well endowed with it that even those who are the hardest to please in everything else do not usually desire more of it than they possess.

(Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Understanding, Rene Descartes)

Poetry by: Thomas Albany.com

Ah, yes, we are the end of your beginning.

We presently exist as your path to understand yourself.
We do not need to study;
we do not need to think;
the life we lead of good virtue,
was given so easily to us, yet you remain a fool.

It is this great gift we have been given,
it was of no choice of our own,
our good sense was given as we are inherently great,
do not chastise us, for we cannot help our righteous fate.

It is hard,
to be truth,
a mouthpiece,
and direction;

Arrogance, and infection.

Rene had it right, why question and learn when you have a gift?
Why grow wisdom and temperance, when you already live the life?

Yes, oh yes, it is so very true,
our lives are so beautiful and great,
we are what you are searching for,
we cannot help it, we did not chose our fate.

You are a sickly bunch!



Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Noam Chomsky


“It is easy to dismiss the world as “irrelevant” or consumed by “paranoid anti-Americanism,” but perhaps not wise.” 

(Hegemony or Survival, Noam Chomsky)

Unless you search outside the social painting,
the painting your government perpetuates,
the perpetuation of artwork of least social resistance,
to reach their goals with the least persistence.

When social unrest occurs,
the dissidents become the enemy,
the enemy of the puppet drones,
the puppet drones who have no mind of their own.

Patriotism is a word that is raped,
raped by the tyrannical Neo-Cons,
Neo-Cons who constantly profess “Freedom!”,
freedom in the way they want you to be.

Unless you break free, and study the facts.
Unless you study the situations that are not on FOX News,
you will never know the reality of your taxes,
you will never understand, the true virtue of your hand.

Truth and reality are not always least resistant,
you may have to change to be real,
you may have to realize your character defect,
then you will understand what arrogant jingoism to reject.

Do not be a puppet drone, and believe the available ignorant bliss,
do not be a robot “patriot” who is an insurgent terrorist while in opposition.
The true America is perpetuated by the moderate middle class,
but much like the “Axis of Evil”, we have been hijacked by extremists.

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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Marcus Aurelius


“When anyone offends against you, let your first thought be, under what conception of good and ill was this committed? Once you know that, astonishment and anger will give place to pity. For either your own ideas of what is good are no more advanced than his, or at least bear some likeness to them, in which case it is clearly your duty to pardon him; or else, on the other hand, you have grown beyond supposing such actions to be either good or bad, and therefore it will be so much the easier to be tolerant of another’s blindness.”

(A Little Flesh, A Little Breath, and A Reason to Rule All- That is Myself, Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, pg.80, #26)

Poetry by: Thomas Albany.com

A war, a clash of value systems can never be resolved.
There can be no resolution with domination and surrender.
There can be convergence, as physiological coincidence,
a physical universality emerging through repetitious tendency.

When we move from instinct innate,
when we move from strong second level inferences,
we occupy the realm of ego, and emotion,
irrationality, social norms and momentum.

Norms and tradition from a place afar,
will seem foreign, and are naturally rejected.
The masses do not think, and desire no change,
domination is their only plan; their only game.

Tradition, custom, religion and social norms,
contain a universal truth about life, hidden in their tales.
One must be cautious, as tradition is contrived,
we should not be lured into believing it is always right.

Question everything,
then reconstruct,
throw off those impositions repugnant,
sincerity, and character are pure and authentic.

I agree with Marcus, temperance, and tolerance are useful for me.
A virtuous man will realize, the peril lies with the person who is tormented.
I have no problem with the great emperor’s view of man-to-man tolerance,
but one must check apathy, tolerance, and value of a man’s impact on another’s plan.

Do what you will;
Live how you want;
Your peril apparent;
My satisfaction is inherent.

My displeasure, intolerance, and imposition,
comes as a contingent realization of your oppression.
Not your pressure, which you try to hold over me,
but that imposition you project on my fellow countrymen.

Your imposition that desires to dominate, and seeks submission,
through irrational memes, you perpetuate suffering, and obliteration.
Annihilation of equality in diversity, your hierarchy and your cell,
your cage with the door wide open, for all those who you manage to sell.

I believe, I believe in Marcus and his way,
but this omission I want to articulate…..for him,
talk to me, and me alone, and my conscious tolerance will be shown,
but move toward my countrymen, and I will bury you, and what you think you know.

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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Friedrich Nietzsche

”When associating with scholars and artists we easily miscalculate in opposite directions: behind a remarkable scholar one finds not infrequently a mediocre man, and behind a mediocre artist quite often- a remarkable man.”

(Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich Nietzsche, Epigrams and Interludes, #137, pg. 88, Kaufmann translation)

Poetry by: Thomas Albany

Temperance, temperance, where art thou among the many,
I must persevere, and not be tormented.

The artist learns to be even and calm,
he learns good virtue through being rejected.

Years and years, artists suffer judgment and pain,
they have to learn to deal with what people may say.

Artists have no chance to hide behind pedantic fog,
the universal aesthetic is apparent to them all.

Some pedants, in their esoteric elevations,
become lost in so many words, and upper class nomenclature.

The virtue of goodness is not attainable only through pedantry,
though it takes close evaluation of the person’s identity.

If you spend your time buried deep in books of information,
you might not take the time to evaluate egoism, and humiliation.

Wisdom, virtue, temperance and satisfaction may pass you by,
intelligent and knowledgeable, you still throw your hands up to the sky.

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Poetry on Quotes of Interest: Bertrand William Russell

Image”The fundamental difference between the liberal and the illiberal outlook is that the former regards all questions as open to discussion and all opinions as open to a greater or less measure of doubt, while the latter holds in advance that certain opinions are absolutely unquestionable, and that no argument against them must be allowed to be heard What is curious about this position is the belief that if impartial investigation were permitted it would lead men to the wrong conclusion, and that ignorance, therefore the only safeguard against error. This point of view is one which cannot be accepted by any man who wishes reason, rather than prejudice to govern human action.”

(Why I am not a Christian, Bertrand William Russell, Freedom and the Colleges, #2, pg. 182)

Poem by: Thomas Albany (Thomas Albany.com)

I can only say, I am so proud to live my life open to scrutiny;
prestige, and integrity at the upper levels.

Nothing contrived by the other can penetrate an agnostic position;
open to suggestion, open to learning.

Believe in fear, or be ambitious in question.
Shed a tear, or objectify intention.
Dictate before you evaluate, or open to inquiry.
Annihilate before you create, or listen clearly.

Ad-hoc personalities believe, and judge by prejudice in subjectivity.
No conclusion can be made, except by contractual agreement.
No objective rational reasoning is possible,
only hermeneutic exegesis, of dogmatic medievel mob control.

Solipsism and contract,
the universe is your selfish endeavor, or

Humanism and the visible,
the universe is observable, and repeating.

Solipsism and the state, with the power of nuclear destruction;
drop the toaster in the tub, of our collective collaboration.

True democratism, with a distinct voice from the people,
and world wide participation, need not be a utopian fable.

It seems we have the power, mathematically.
It seems we actually can have world peace.
Those of us with open minds naturally tend that way,
We move closer to that a priori universality, day by day.

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Understanding Over Submission

Don’t let anybody tell you that words are just words. Words represent concepts. The only people who try to degrade the value of “words” are people who know nothing about the value of concepts. It’s not just about abstract philosophy being impractical. When you learn how to merge a benevolent ideology, with a practical daily routine, what you have done is completed your search, and found your purpose. You have also done it autonomously, without submission to some rubric, which I assure you can never NEVER offer you the type of comfort that comes with understanding.

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Badgers at War and Men in Harmony

At some basic level, man is no different than a badger. Force and dominance is key to forwarding your prime directive, which is to mate and spread your seed or to find a dominant male if you are a female. Badgers do not care to gain the consent of the female. In this case, we see the state of war in nature, in its most basic form, rape, as the natural order of events. You can be sure that badgers will kill each other over necessary resources, when they are limited, but when resources are plentiful, I expect that the fighting does not stop. My analogy is that certain men, even when given the opportunity to be peaceful, will seek war because they do not recognize how to be something other than the badger that they were born as. I am convinced all humans, men and women, are badgers as children. At some point in their lives, when they are young, they gain enough information to move forward to something larger: what it is to be human. Some badgers embrace this, and move forward to more civilized pastures, while others become enamored and fascinated by the power of taking, without consent. When the opportunity arrives for them to become civilized men/women, they hide from it. They plug their ears, build dams in their minds, and go on a never ending rationalization that stunts their growth, and ensures their future barbarity. Moving forward we have to look at this as an illness. There is nothing good in trapping men in a state of war, in a state of barbarism, in a state of nationalism and masturbatory division. There is a division to be made, and it is the division between those who stand for themselves, and those who stand with humanity. Let me highlight why it is so important to move from the natural state of war, as it pertains to Universal Humanism, to a civil tone in everything, and talk about the impracticality and immorality of being selfish in a world with limited resources.

Men and women who live in a natural state of war have not understood the power of humanity. They fail to understand the elevation that man has attained, for both good and bad. Putting on blinders and plugging your ears does not make this reality go away, for good or for bad. Intelligent direction cleans up this power, and allocates it in a necessary humane way. While doing everything they can to remain in a state of war, and hide from reality, they are intentionally trying to subvert the very stability that they take for granted every day! They do not really, in actuality want the things that they are pushing for, because anybody with a bigger gun could come along and take what they have. Imagine every private property owner having to have his own militia in order to protect what they have acquired. We need an efficient government, whether it be global, continental, or national, what matters is that it is efficient, it does its job to protect universal human rights, and it preserves the freedoms of those who are well endowed intellectually and even those who are just lucky. A meritocracy would be preferable, because global communication and education is what has brought about our current civil peace, and what will perpetuate it. In my eyes, a global government, with a mission statement similar to the United Nations, without all the 5 member state veto power bullshit that is fucking everything up now, would be workable. A single fast action military would save trillions of dollars of military wastage around the world. Accept for those who want to keep life in a state of war, who are ill anyway, the rest of us want peace and discussion. Those who are demanding that force rules, should be forced by the peaceful and civil to be peaceful and civil. It is just for the peaceful and civil to do so, because those who demand that force rule are demanding that we treat them as such, so we are simply accommodating them. Do not let anybody pull you into the argument that you are becoming like them by using force against them. This is bullshit, and if you buy it, the side that is right and good and true, and respects reason will always lose to chaos and arbitrary natures. This is basically the state of war argument. They are supposedly the strong ones because they can do what they want with force, but we are weak and just want to talk. Actually, we will be strong when we understand that justice demands that in the name of peace we knock down those who attempt to remain in a state of war, and we back those who support force against force, and peace for peace. This is not relativism. It is intellectual consciousness of actuality. Relativism tolerates force, to its own demise, and tolerates peace in the impotence of recognizing its duty to fight for peace. Relativism is repugnant. All men have to move toward a state of civil realization for benefit of all men, in a synthesizing utilitarian mono-civilized human conscience.

Some men are endowed with superior brains, and other men are endowed with superior work ethics, and some men are very rare and are endowed with both. It is very difficult to say that men such as these do not deserve the wealth that they earn. It is also very difficult to say that we should pay no attention to large accumulations of wealth, which deprive necessary mobility for the people at the bottom of the system; poor people. People who perpetuate the idea that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, are really people who have not done too much to put their mind to anything. If you really have a smart mind, then you would have to concede the argument that I would make that a person in North Korea who is locked in to a place where there is no opportunity, clearly has less chance to do “anything”. This is reality! Wake the fuck up people! You cannot do anything you want just because you put your mind to it. There are many geniuses out there that are half successes and half failures, and there are plenty of wealthy idiots who see themselves as kings of the world. There are many trapped dreamers, and, powerless posers riding on corporate sponsors. Kalokagathia is the goal. Strength of mind body and spirit is true success. A major problem is when men gain the power of large amounts of money, thinking about moral responsibility to a closed system puts them in an existential crisis. They want their money, instead of full actualization, so they refuse to believe that there is anything more than actualization in money. It just is not true, but the rest of the world has to pay the price for this mentality at the top. That is why government regulation will always be necessary, as the parent to these overgrown children. They must be told to mow the lawn and clean their rooms, otherwise they will just sit around and play video games all day. That is the bottom line.

My goal with this essay was to build a bridge, from a natural state of war, in childhood, and in artificially perpetuated childhood, to a civil necessity and human maturity. This will happen anyway. I am writing now about what will be. Global business, and advances in communication and transportation will guarantee this. Believe it or not people, we are in a state of world peace! When you read history and the amount of battles that went on in the past, you understand that we have so much more going on now, but so few skirmishes and wars. I am not saying that things do not pop off, I am saying, more than anytime in history, you are safer in the world. We have some cleaning up to do, and it is more of a question of how long will it take, rather than will it happen. When men are little more than badgers, is when men are really not men at all. Only when we grow beyond this mentality, into the universal contract of civilization exhibited by the coexistence of quality and quantity, and the special impositions and separations of space time allowing autonomy of individuals will we DISCOVER the whispering voice of the universe that has been lightly dictating its message through the media of actuality.